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UK Calling Guest


14th May - Red Ant Band

21st May - The Rising

28th May - Bank Holiday Weekend
  Review of Guests in 2023 part 3

UK Calling

The best of country music from across the UK and Ireland. Catch the show on the following stations:

6pm Sunday's on Hot 'n' Gold Radio  - 7pm Sunday's on Kalypso Gold Radio   - Tatterpatch Radio (USA)

Featuring music and interviews with artists and the movers and shakers in country music, you’ll find out about their influences, the stories behind the songs and upcoming events.


Missed an interview? No worries, you can catch it again by visiting our On-air page.


Plus, we'll keep you up-to-date with the gig guide so you know who's playing where in the UK. You can also try and make the Hall of Fame via the UK quiz. Get your answer's in by 4pm on Saturday. 


Checkout the guest links from all the artists we've interviewed on the show and if there’s an artist that we are not yet talking about, let me know, drop me an email to    


Keep your ears peeled to hear your favourite country artist on the show that’s exploring country music, UK Calling.


Andy Sayers

Picture Credits: Megan ONeill photo by Rob Blackham

Worry Dolls photo by Finlay O’Hara

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