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UK quiz


Each week I will set a question that is related to the UK or Ireland. It's just for fun, so you don't win anything, except your name featured in our Hall of Fame.

You need to get your answer in  by 4pm on Saturday. If you don't want to email, you can share the answer with your family and friends and tune in the following week for the answer, or check back here to find out.

Good luck and the email as always:

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Here's a few of our previous questions

Q,  What creature appears on the flag of Wales?
A, A Dragon
Teddington & Marlow sit on the banks of which British river?
A, The River Thames
Q, Which Yorkshireman replaced Alastair Cook as England's test cricket captain?
A, Joe Root
Q, How many members were in the Monty Python team?
A, six
A, Which actor played Sonny Crockett in Mimi Vice 2006?
A, Colin Farrell
Q, In the story Peter Pan, Peter has to return to the Darlings house because on his first visit he left behind what?
A, His shadow
Q,Which Dolly  Parton stage show, based on one of her films, recently opened in London's West End and is also touring the UK? 
A, 9 to 5
Which sport is Silverstone mostly known for?
A, F1, Motor sport
Where did the great Fire of London start?
A, Pudding Lane

Carey T, Darly, Carole Y, Nick A, Meg, Tony M, Daly, Evan, Justine W, Clyde J, Dot, Rob B, Sheila F, Cally J, Masie T, Sonia W, Dougie, Kelly B, Sara W, Ellie J, Masie-Jayne, Lee M, Mick, Darren I, Eddie D, Colin, Darren J, Louisa C, Emma J, Jay, Gaz, Jamie C. Mo H, Tommo, Lucy M, Paul H, Gemma K, Simon T, Hannah, Doreen B, Joyce A, Larry P, Peter D, Nigel A, Callum, Sarah N, Mary, Zara W, Damien, Rob D, Nicholas L, Lisa J, Mo P, Connie B, Sally M, Pip, Caroline, Matthew A, Don B, Paul, James, David W, Claire G, Carol, Gail S, Nic C, Kerry D, Diana, Alan T, Phil B, Tonya D, James S, Mo H, Bo K, Celina A, Jamieson C, Gareth P, Gwen G, Katy E, Kelly J, Sonia C, Razhab P, Roger P, 

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